Two suggestions for cafe owners who want to hand out Christmas crackers to their customers

Handing out free Christmas crackers that have been stuffed with a few tasty treats to your customers over the Christmas period is a great way to celebrate this special time of year and to show some appreciation for these people who help to keep you in business. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you intend to give this type of gift to those who visit your cafe.

Opt for crackers that contain long-life treats if you're buying them from a wholesaler

Giving a free gift like this to every single customer for weeks on end can be costly. You can, however, make this gift-giving process less expensive by opting for wholesale Christmas crackers, which are sold by a lot of food suppliers during the festive period.

If you buy them from a wholesaler, you will probably have to purchase a very large number of these crackers. Because of this, it is important to opt for long-life treats when it is time to decide what foods to put into these crackers. The reason for this is as follows; if you order, for example, 1000 crackers filled with items that have a shelf-life of three months and you only end up having 550 customers over the Christmas period, you will be left with 450 crackers, the contents of which will be unsafe to eat within a few months. In this situation, you would have to simply dispose of these crackers or give them away to your staff members and friends.

Conversely, if in a scenario like this, you ordered crackers with long-life treats (such as tiny jars of preserves or miniature bottles of mulled wine), you could use the leftover crackers the following Christmas, instead of having to get rid of them and order a new batch next year.

Pick vegan-friendly treats for the crackers if your cafe serves both vegan and non-vegan dishes

If you sell both vegan and non-vegan dishes in your cafe, you should put in a request for vegan treats when you reach out to your food supplier from whom you'll be ordering the crackers.

The reason for this is as follows; whilst most people who eat animal products will happily eat any vegan festive foods that come in their Christmas crackers, if these items taste good, vegans who are given crackers with, for example, milk chocolate sweets, won't be able to consume them. As such, if you don't ensure that the contents of the crackers are vegan-friendly, the customers who adhere to this way of eating may be disappointed when they open their crackers and may have to simply give these treats away.

To learn more about wholesale Christmas crackers, contact a company in your area like Party Temptation.

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