Expand Your Culinary Horizons With A Dash Of Chilli This Christmas

Australians love a hot Christmas, and the country does a summer holiday better than anywhere else. With that in mind, it seems strange that going to buy chilli is still seen as strange when it comes to Christmas cooking in Australia. After all, Australians love the heat, right? It should only make sense that they love nature's hottest spice, but for the most part, it is left out of the season altogether. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider making chilli part of your Christmas shopping list.


When you buy chilli, you are not just getting a specific spice that has limited uses. Chilli is one of the most adaptable and varied spices on the market, and the different variants of chilli make this universality even bigger. Chilli can go on anything from an omelette to a Sunday roast. Using chilli to update a classic dish is a very popular trend, and what are the holidays for if not for trying something new? Consider adding a hint of chilli to an old family recipe. You don't need to overpower the whole dish; just a dash of chilli can add a rich background texture with a slight amount of heat. 

Health Benefits

When it comes to cooking at Christmas, you probably don't consider the ramifications for your health very much. It is the time for luxurious dishes and rich desserts, but if you could sneak something healthy in there every once in a while, why wouldn't you? While you may buy chilli for the flavour, you are also inadvertently getting one of nature's most healthy creations. Chilli has been shown to improve:

  • Weight loss
  • Bone strength
  • Vitamin intake (Chilli has many vitamins not common in other fruits or vegetables)
  • Immunity booster
  • Other cardiovascular benefits

And those are just what we know now, with studies still ongoing into the benefits of chilli.

Something For The Sweet Tooth As Well

It is not often you think of something sweet when you go to buy chilli, but there are new and quite popular versions of treats and snacks that contain chilli or chilli flavouring. There are even varieties of chocolate that contain a bit of chilli and this can be a great stocking filler, either as a joke or for someone who genuinely loves chilli. Otherwise, there are many chilli-flavoured treats, from gum to hot SkittlesIf you are looking for a unique treat this Christmas, then have a look at some of those chilli variants or keep an eye out in your local store!

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